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Parwanoo is a hill station and town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, although it is smaller than other hill stations. It is also a local government in the municipality of the district it is on, Solan. The town is located near the border of Himachal Pradesh’s neighboring state, Haryana, specifically in its district of Panchkula. The National Highway No. 22 runs along it, so anyone who is planning on reaching it by road can do so. The towns around it are Pinjore and Kalka, with the latter separated from it by a river bed. As of the 2001 India census, the population of Parwanoo was 8,609 although this has reportedly increased to 9,890 to date. The town has four educational institutions, and these contribute to Parwanoo’s average literacy rate of 73%, which is markedly higher than the national average of 59.5%. Like most hill stations, the topography of Parwanoo is mountainous, with the elevations ranging from 762 to 914 meters above mean sea level. It is situated in the foot of the Shivalik mountain range, which is a part of the outer Himalayas regions.

Historically, the town derived its name from a village situated near the place where Sector 1A is today. The village was called “Ooncha Parwanoo”. In 1973, two years after Himachal Pradesh was recognized as a full-fledged state, the town was developed and industry was established. The first C.M. Of Himachal Pradesh, visionary leader Sh. Y. S. Parmar, recognized the importance of industrialization as a catalyst for the economic growth of the hilly, newly-established state. When he saw the town of Parwanoo, he sensed the potential of the town for development as an industrial hub, especially since it is just adjacent to the plains of Haryana. He personally developed the necessary infrastructure and to promote growth and advancement, he offered incentives to entrepreneurs to set up their businesses there. Incentives include exemption from taxes as well as financial support for expansion of existing projects. As a result, what was once a small, quiet village is now a booming industrial town that is primarily known for its pharmaceutical and food processing industries, although other industries such as plastic, motor parts and watch components are also present. Almost 80% of the population are engaged in an industry in one way or another.

Aside from the thriving industry, Parwanoo is also a good choice for tourists to visit. Like other hill stations, the town has a scenic and natural beauty that is a good departure from the harsh industrial look of the urban jungle. The drive to Parwanoo is dotted with beautiful views of twisting roads and soaring peaks, as well as verdant and lush meadows and woodlands. Since becoming a tourist destination, several hotels and restaurants have sprung up in the area to accommodate the tourists and visitors that flock in to take in the sights and engage in leisure activities. Parwanoo also offers excursions and trekking trips for those who want to engage in a more active activity while taking in the beauty of nature.


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