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Kufri is one of Himachal Pradesh’s hill stations and it is located in the district of Shimla. The station is tiny, but it is one of the more popular spots in the district, what with its proximity to the Himalayan Wildlife Zoo Park and the Indira Tourist Park. It is located some 13 kilometers from Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. Like the other hill stations, it is elevated, with the area having an average elevation of 2,743 meters. As of the Indian Census of 2001, the town has a population of only 1,148 people. Skiing and hiking enthusiasts usually make up a big percentage of the tourists and visitors who drop by the hill station on a regular basis.

Because of the fact that Kufri is situated very close to the much more historically important city of Shimla, the former’s history is irrevocably interlinked with that of the latter. The region around Shimla (which included Kufri) was formerly part of the kingdom of Nepal before the British annexed it in December 2, 1815 when the Sugauli Treaty was signed between British East India Company and Nepal, shortly following the Gurkha War. However, Kufri wasn’t brought to the attention of the rest of the world until 1819, when the British discovered it and were impressed with the fresh air and beauty of the area. When Shimla gained its status as summer capital in 1864, Kufri also became more and more known as an important place to visit near Shimla. Since then, it has stepped away from the capital’s shadow and has become a famous destination in its own right.

Summers (between April to June) in Kufri are marked by a pleasant and mild atmosphere coupled with beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air that is very conducive to hiking and trekking. Photographers will also have a field day since the air is very clear, making for great pictures and vistas. There are also several places a tourist can go, especially if they’re avid nature lovers, such as the Indira Tourist Park, which provides a panoramic view of everything the region has to offer. For hikers and adventure-lovers, a trek to Mashru Peak should never be passed off, as it is the highest point in Kufri. Once on top, if the day is particularly clear, one can have a glimpse of the Badrinath and Kedarnath ranges without any obstruction, natural or man-made. One can also take a ride with yaks, which is an experience that is very singular as there are only a few places that allow a tourist to do so.

During winters, between November to February, the town comes alive with layers of snow. Skiiers will have a field day in Kufri as the place has a wide range of skiing slopes, from the beginner’s run, an advanced run and a slalom run. February is also when the Annual Winter Sports are held, where skiiers from around the world gather to participate in the famous festival. Tobogganing is also a popular sport during the winter months, and tourist influx is at its peak during this period so a visitor will always have the opportunity to meet and hobnob with other tourists.


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